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NATICK – Construction at the highly anticipated former American Legion development continues at a rapid pace. The foundation has been prepped and Liberty Construction Services poured the concrete mat slab on November 18, 2016.  The project will soon be turned over to Capone Iron Corporation, who will begin to erect the building’s steel frame. All construction activity is under the supervision of PointsNorth Construction Management, LLC.

With construction progressing on schedule and expected to be completed by late spring 2017, the Stonegate Group has commenced its marketing of the restaurant and retail spaces at the property to much interest and fanfare. Spaces range from approximately 823 square feet to a contiguous 6,452 square feet or more when combining multiple units.

While available for restaurant or retail use, many Natick residents have voiced their hopes for more dining options in the downtown district. “We would welcome new restaurants to our center and view them as an incredible asset which we are extremely supportive of. A new restaurant in our downtown would join an already strong economic and growing business center,” said Athena Pandolf, executive director of the Natick Center Cultural District.

Those retail level units designated for use as a restaurant are already approved to include outdoor seating, which has been another desire expressed by Natick residents.

Call (508) 655-1700 for more information, and follow the progress on Facebook: Stonegate West Central