13 West Central Street

This historic and culturally significant building located at 13 West Central Street was redeveloped by Stonegate into a mixed-use property in 2017.


Its renovation was designed with input from the Natick Historical Commission and the Massachusetts Historical Commission in an effort to preserve the distinctive character of the building.

In addition to being the Edward P Clark Post 107 American Legion for many years, the property was also home to the Natick Courthouse & Jail, a furniture store and a Woolworth’s store & lunch counter.

You can still see shades of the former Underwood Furniture Company on the east side of the building. We’ve kept the historic lettering completely intact – just as it was over 100 years ago.

This exciting project included:

  • A redesign based upon historic 1911 renderings
  • Retail & restaurant space on the ground floor
  • A total of 11 one & two bedroom residential units
  • Underground residential parking