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NATICK – December 22, 2015 – Natick residents are invited to visit the Stonegate Group offices located at 83 Speen Street in order to see the 3-D model of its proposed Saint Patrick Project site.  This design, which includes an underground parking garage with more than 130 spaces, 66 residential units and approximately 13,000 square feet of retail/restaurant space, was presented at the December 16, 2015 Natick Planning Board meeting.

The design is the result of several meetings held between Stonegate and concerned Natick residents in order to develop a project that would be in keeping with the neighborhood.  At one of these meetings, held in early December, one concerned resident inquired about Stonegate’s commitment to properties once they have been completed.

“This is a valid concern, and I hope our track record with other similar properties alleviates her concern,” said Dean Calivas, chief operating officer of Stonegate Group, LLC.

Calivas cited the Piccadilly Place, a mixed-use facility located in downtown Westborough, which Stonegate Group renovated beginning in 2012. Located in the heart of downtown Westborough, the building had been home to the original Piccadilly Pub restaurant. For years, the building had been occupied by various businesses.  When the restaurant shuttered its doors, the building lost many of its occupants and quickly fell into disrepair.

As the renovations began in 2012, Stonegate Group “was mindful of the historical nature of the building,” Calivas said.

In order to keep the structure’s original feel, Stonegate repaired and cleaned the exterior brick of the building.  Inside, they created a mixed-use facility that included six commercial units on the bottom two levels, totaling 7,500 square feet.  These were tailored for the specific tenants that now occupy the facility.  In addition five one- and two-bedroom apartments were added on the upper floor.

As part of the renovation, Stonegate added a handicapped-accessible entrance and extended the sidewalk in front of the building in order to address concerns of local residents.

In June 2013, Stonegate received the certificate of occupancy.  Almost immediately there was “quite a bit of interest” for both the commercial and residential properties, said Calivas.

Tin Htway, Building Commissioner and Zoning Enforcement Officer for the town of Westborough, praised the Stonegate Group’s ability to take a building that needed so much work and “give it a whole new life.”

“I am very happy with the look and feel of [Piccadilly Place],” he said.

Htway said he credits this building for the revitalization of downtown Westborough, citing that Piccadilly Place is “one of the best looking buildings in downtown Westborough.”
Htway praised the Stonegate Group’s dedication to maintaining the Piccadilly Place as well as when it first opened.

“They are always very responsive,” Htway said.  “They always repair anything we ask of them.”
Noting that Stonegate maintains additional properties in Westborough, both commercial and residential, Htway praised the relationship Stonegate has fostered with the town.

“They are very good people,” Htway said.  “We have always had a very good relationship with them.”

Stonegate plans to seek Natick Town Meeting approval this spring for the zoning changes required to proceed with the Saint Patrick Project development.

Stonegate Group LLC is a leading developer and manager of residential and commercial properties.  Stonegate Group LLC also owns and manages over 500 residential units and over 400,000 square feet of commercial space throughout the MetroWest area and has been a leading provider of rental housing for close to 30 years.

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