Arcade Building

Built in 1890, this three story landmark in the Westborough Center the Arcade Building at 1 West Main Street was erected on the site of the original Westborough Town Meetinghouse.


The building’s designer, Alvan N. Davenport, proposed to build the structure to be “more ornamental, and serviceable, if not more interesting, than the familiar landmark which it displaces.”

A contributing resource to the Westborough Main Street Historic District, this downtown walk-in retail property contains boutiques, specialty foods, clothing and personal care shops.

This spaces are warm and well-lit, full of small town charm and located in in the heart of a bustling suburban community. Large picture windows overlook Westborough Town Center, welcoming patrons ​who can conveniently park at each store front.

​In 2018, Stonegate gave the Arcade Building received a well-deserved “face lift”as the entire historic façade of the building was renovated under the guidance of the ​Massachusetts Historical ​Commission & the National Park Service.

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